Saturday, August 26, 2006

There Is NO Muslim Integration in the WEST

"...[R]esearcher Jon Snow came to the conclusion that UK Muslims are no longer interested in integrating into the United Kingdom’s societies. Snow advises that the trend is now toward Muslim separatism." (TCV News)

The governing elites of the West are looking for a Global Economy, however joe citizen of the West often looks for status quo culture. Nations of the West have thrived when their culture remains dominant and unthreatened.

Mohammedans have migrated to the West probably for better living standards than existed in the repressive Middle Eastern nation they came from. Many of these Mohammedans want the good life of the West while maintaining the cultural mores of Mohammedanism.

It is an impossible mix much like oil and water. One culture will arise above the other. Currently Western Culture nationals dominate in the West with the Mohammedans clamouring for their way of life to be validated. Mohammedans have no intention of integrating into their new homelands. Even the second and third generation Mohammedans are proving to virulently violent and anti-Western.

This is a scenario that should not and cannot be tolerated any longer in the West. The West is currently on a road of "Politically Correctness" and "Appeasement." To maintain these avenues will be suicide for Western Culture.

It is time to offer a choice to local and home grown Mohammedans: Swear public and written allegiance to the nations they reside or are citizens of or depart.

UPDATE (8-26-06) - United American Committee Oficial Blog:
Originally Posted August 22, 2006
By Ayesha Ahmed

Here is an excerpt from the following article on
According to a recent Pew poll that asked: What do you consider yourself first - A citizen of your country or a Muslim? In the United Kingdom, 81 percent consider themselves Muslim first and only 7 percent of Muslims consider themselves British first. This explains why the global jihad had no difficulty in recruiting the home grown terrorists. People who do not feel any loyalty toward their country can never be a loyal citizen of any nation state. The work instead as a fifth column in the interest of their Islamist agenda. Recent acts of terrorism perpetuated by British, Dutch, Spanish, French, and American Islamists did not surprise anyone who understands the phenomenon of a universal Muslim brotherhood. A puritanical Muslim, whether he lives in the United Kingdom, Holland, Germany, France, Pakistan or the U.S.A., does not feel any loyalty toward the country he resides in, but is committed instead to the advancement of the causes of global jihad. End [Excerpt]

My observation is that the litmus test is mosque attendance. Those who attend mosque regularly often get infected with the dangerous and infectious desease of islamism. The symptoms are beards, hijabs and burkas and hatred towards jews and the west and disloyalty to one's own country.

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