Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs Blasts Media

The Spirit of God should move on American and other Western politicians to expose the duplicity of a corrupt MSM.

Alexander Downer
aptly slaps the MSM for reporting a Left slant rather than truth and unbiased news. It is as if Communist controlled media outlets are pushing a Left agenda. If the government does not control this Left spiel of the MSM; then who is responsible for MSM Left slanted garbage that actively is specious.

Downer goes on to blast Western media for publishing cartoons lampooning Mohammedanism. When he walks into that area, I have to disagree with him. Western media has published harsher things that disrespect Christianity, and the world saw no Christian mobs rushing publishing houses or Jews rushing Arab and Iranian embassy for doing the same kind of lampooning only in this case denying the existence of the Holocaust.

Mohammedanism is an evil cult that is a threat to Western Civilization. Amazingly the MSM attempts to paint an appeasing picture of Mohammedanism and Islamofascists.

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