Thursday, August 17, 2006

Weaponizing Civilization: The New Way of War

Raymond Kraft puts a voice poignantly to the very frustration that is emerging in my soul. I am certain it is emerging in the hearts and souls of other Americans as well. Kraft has written an essay that screams it is time to confront Islamofascism.

Sometimes I do not know which anger I need to contain more: the evil that is Islamofascist Mohammedanism or deluded Liberals which accommodate terrorists out of a ludicrous "Political Correctness."

Contain the emotions of the flesh I must, for a Christian should not demean themselves to the nature of Mohammedanism. Believers in Christ should not render evil for evil.

Yet the time has come for an old fashioned Augustinian Just War to slap the murderers of Christians and Jews down. God show us your Divine Will on how to proceed, for proceed we must.

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