Thursday, August 17, 2006

The Jews Took No One's Land

The Jews Took No One's Land

This is an awesome slide show of the reality of Israel. Jews fleeing European persecution came to an empty unusable land. These Jews began to reclaim the land in the sense of making it usable for agriculture and usable.

Only when the Land began to usable did Arabs begin to migrate back into the Land.

According to the slide show, Arab arrogance and intolerance began to emerge in 1936. The Mohammedans wanted the Land that Jews had fixed and began to terrorize the Jews. Jews began to organize private militias in response. Some of these organizations began to execute retribution on Arabs. And so the cycle of atrocity began between Jew and Arab.

I find it amazing the Arabs that have called themselves "Palestinians" have garned so much sympathy among Western Liberals. That group of people is almost wholely created by their Arab brothers to have an excuse to continuously attack the hated Jewish nation of Israel.

Arab Mohammedans cannot stand that Jews made an oasis out of a land that Mohammedans largley allowed to become unusable and nearly inhabitable. When the Jews fixed it, only then did Mohammedan concepts of dar al-islam kick in; viz. that once conquered for the prophet it must always remain under Mohammedan control.

The Jews have a land and do not wish to become second class citizens under repressive Sharia Law or Western prejudice. Support ISRAEL!

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