Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Minneapolis P.D. Suspends Christian Psychologist for Christian Beliefs

The Minneapolis Police Department has suspended Dr. Michael Campion for being a practicing Christian. The interim Chief Tim Dolan became influenced by a Left Wing publication that implied Dr. Campion’s psych evaluations would discriminate against homosexuals since the good doctor belonged to a non-profit Christian organization that stood for Christian morality and against homosexual rights.

The slanted Left has so infiltrated public organizations with secular humanism that Christian Morality is persecuted as hate thought or hate belief or hate speech or hatred of alternate gender utilization and so and so. It is disgusting! Christians need to become bold and stand by Jesus Christ and Judeo/Christian morality, particularly if it offends the immoral.

Immorality is becoming a value system that is acceptable in America to the point that Christians are beginning to experience persecution. That is nearly unbelievable that Americans have become so blinded by secular humanism that homosexuals are a viable value system to uphold morality and safety American citizens. Secular Humanism still abides by thou shall not murder or steal; however adultery, sexual purity, lying have been corrupted to "if it is alright for some it is alright to do."

As my west coast daughter might say, "ehewwww, I'm so sure!"

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