Sunday, August 27, 2006

Musharraf Balancing Act

Musharraf’s reluctance to come out as an open pro-West leader rests in the fear that his countrymen will reject him. Open public riots would be an excuse for rebellion within the ranks of the army. Assuredly that would result in a pro-Islamist government and the lopping of Musharraf’s head.

I agree that Musharraf has gone beyond the point of no return as for as "rapprochement" with radical Mohammedan elements of the death-cult; however to openly and to extensively proclaim an allegiance for pro-Western elements would be political and probably human suicide.

There is no way for America to prop up Musharraf during a popular rebellion. The best America could do is offer asylum and that is only if Musharraf could escape the results of a popular Mohammedan rebellion.

So the behind the scene “balancing act” is the way to go for both Musharraf and the West.

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