Wednesday, August 23, 2006

What Choices Will Latin America Make?

I have not posted anything in a while relating to Latin America. America is all caught up on the war in Iraq and strife between Israel and Hezbollah and nuclear Iran (and its sycophant Syria) and North Korea and on and on. Yet is just seems the only thing the MSM reports relating to Latin America is illegal aliens dancing across the Mexican border.

It is a smart thing to watch Latin America. For one thing the nations of Latin America are America's closest neighbors. It has a bit disconcerting that Communism and Marxist style Socialism is making a come back in Latin America. This blog essay paints a picture that Latinos want democracy; however they are fed up with corruption that has not ended in aspiring democracies. Latinos are so fed up in fact some are considering the support of authoritarian regimes in hope of displacing the corruption.

America needs to pay attention to that!

Howard Dratch has written an essay on the wants and needs of Latin America –

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