Sunday, August 20, 2006

The Necessity of Profiling

Robert Spencer is correct when he says racial profiling is not a valid instrument in locating fringe radicals. Spencer says "Islam" is not a race. He implies it is a religion.

I would go further that "Islam" or Mohammedanism is an ideology. Though it is true that racial or ethnic profiling might have some credibility in locating terrorists, due to large amount of statistical implications of actual terrorism being accomplished by those of Middle Eastern ethnology; however it is the Mohammedan ideology that is dangerous.

As radical or Politically Incorrect as it might be, "Theological Profiling" may be in order for safety in Western Culture. Much of the recent terrorist activity that has been attempted in the West has been by home grown Mohammedans. The reason for their agenda of terror is a hatred of Western Cultural mores and thought. The solution of choice by Islamofascist Mohammedans is to utilize terror to transform Western Culture into a Mohammedan culture. It is an extension of the Jihad commanded by the Mohammedan founder - Mohammed a self-endowed prophet.

Mohammedanism is the perfect racist ideology. It is a cult based on the intolerance of all other belief systems. Its racist arrogance goes to the next level: If another race or religion is found offensive to a Mohammedan or Mohammedanism, acts of violence and murder are a justified solution to the offense.

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