Friday, September 08, 2006

Khatami the Lying Hypocrite

Former Iranian President Mohammad Khatami was allowed to enter our American homeland that Iran has been issuing saber rattling threats toward. First of all this invitation from Harvard is a demonstration of Left Wing idiocy inherent in some of America's top institutions of higher learning. Second of all who is the braniac in the State Department of the Bush Administration that allowed Khatami to come to American soil? The only reason Khatami should have been allowed to enter America is for diplomatic reasons relating to Iran's current thumbing of it's nose about enriching weapons grade uranium.

Rather the speech delivered by Khatami said that Abrahamic religions should respect each other and others should respect the religion of peace:
“Shame on the leadership of the Cathedral for being so gullible. Khatami’s speech was a slap in the face to Americans; his ‘dialogue’ about Abrahamic faiths is a cover for his nation’s persecution of those who adhere to those faiths,” said CWA’s Dr. Janice Crouse, Senior Fellow of the Beverly LaHaye Institute. “Why welcome a ringleader of Iranian persecution and oppression? Khatami was given a bully pulpit even though we know that his ‘dialogue’ is demagoguery and his version of history doesn’t square with the facts.

“Mr. Khatami and his hosts could use a dose of realism –– his policies resulted in the persecution of Christians, other religious minorities, and even those among Iran’s own who were dissidents. (Christian Newswire)

So we can read the speech was a bunch of baloney. Khatami wholly supports the direction Iran is intending to follow. Khatami is part of the evil that is Iranian Twelver Shi'itism.

Where has the alleged human compassion gone concerning the oppressed by brutal despotism? The Dean of Harvard University's John F. Kennedy School of Government invited this brutal despot to speak. Is Dean David Ellwood so ignorant that he does not know what Khatami has done? I mean this is an Ivy League School in which allegedly America's future brain trust is to emerge. Ellwood attempted to justify the invitation with the Liberal moniker of "free speech" which means that human misery is thus trumped so an American public can listen to a brutal despot.

God save America!

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