Sunday, September 10, 2006

911: Why We Fight

The Patriot Post writes:
"Islam, conversely, is the ideology behind modern terrorism. It’s an ideology that is also inherently fascist. It is no coincidence that these terrorist-fascists happen to be Muslim, for Islam itself is a clerical-fascist system of belief."

It will be easier for Americans and Westerners in general to come to this realization. Islam (I prefer Mohammedanism) is more an ideology than a religion that we conceive as religions. It is a system of belief that wishes to dominate the individual to total subservience to the STATE. That is right, I said "STATE." The Mohammedan Party System is the near untouchable interpretation of Mohammedan Clerics of the Quran, Hadiths and Sharia Law. It is much like the proletariat must be submerged by the State in Communism or the good Aryans to the Fuehrer of the German Race.

When Americans and the West comes to this realization, then the total commitment needed will have arisen.

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