Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Palestinians plotting Egypt attack?

Palestinian terrorists are showing signs of executing acts of terrorism against the Egyptian government.

When terrorists turn openly against strong military Mohammedan nations such as Egypt, then the Middle Eastern outlook toward the terrorists may change. One of two things might develop: 1. Despotic yet powerful nations like Egypt might begin to use their resources to harshly track down terrorists; 2. public outcry against a military crackdown might begin a domino effect toppling of the despotic regimes like Egypt.

Egypt is world renowned for it utilization of torture to crack down on dissent. It is not loud music and sleep deprivation. It is actual torture in the use of physical pain and maiming in which results are forthcoming or death or both.

If radical Mohammedan terrorists make an enemy of the likes of Egypt, brutality will be countered by brutality.

There is always the danger of the common people willing to radicalize and topple Egypt as well. As long as Mubarak has absolute loyalty of his military, that could lead to huge brutality toward a popular uprising. If the Egyptian military grows weary of brutalizing their population, then Mubarak might be out of a job. That would mean a Sunni version of radical Mohammedanism would emerge similar to the radical Shi'ites of Iran.

Mubarak’s next step will be interesting.

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