Thursday, September 07, 2006

Black Jack Pershing VS Mohammedan Terrorists

Here is a picture history of General Black Jack Pershing and how he took care of Mohammedan terrorists in his day. I hope the print is not too small, but if it is click on the picture. It should come up larger. Thank You very much to Jewel C.

As you can see WWI's American hero chose the "politically incorrect" path. It was a show of strength that has worked to Usama bin Laden re-ignited a Mohammedan challenge to the West and America.


Debbie said...

I've read that before, but it does me good to read it again. Everybody should read this, but of course the PC crowd would have a stroke if our military did this. They would prefer make reservations for the terrorists at a nice hotel, with the best food, cushy surroundings, kiss their butts, then let them go so they can torture us again.

Theway2k said...

Unless Mohammedanism has a transformation revival to enter the 21st Century, some drastic measures will have to be taken some time. It is becoming glaringly apparent that Mohammedans consider our current Western approach is weak and therefore assailable. Eventually the West will have to confront radical Mohammedans with what they understand. They understand strength.