Thursday, September 07, 2006

Four Arab Jerusalem Church Leaders Declare Christian Zionism is Heretical

Patriarch Michel Sabbah (Latin Patriarchate, Jerusalem), Archbishop Swerios Malki Mourad (Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate, Jerusalem), Bishop Riah Abu El-Assal (Episcopal Church of Jerusalem and the Middle East) and Bishop Munib Younan (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land) are all Arab Christian Big Dogs in Jerusalem. They have put a together a public declaration denouncing Christian Zionism as heretical among other words of vilification.

Wow! Here are four Big Dog Christian clerics that apparently give more sway to their Arabic heritage than to their Christian heritage. If Mohammedans ever wiped Israel off the map and these Christian Clerics and those they oversee survived the massacre, they would be reduced to the humiliation of dhimmitude. Dhimmis are second class apartheid citizens that must pay a kafir (infidel) tax called
jizya or die. When the tax is paid it must be processed with the Mohammedan exerting harshness and the Christian bowing in the dirt. What a quadruple group of Christian morons.

Just one quick thing I noticed: these dhimmi wannabees are accusing Christian Zionism and Zionism of Apartheid. Apartheid is a political system initiated in South Africa in which the White minority oppressed the black majority with lesser rights and lesser freedoms. Let us be clear, Arab citizens in Israel are not treated in that fashion. However, if Mohammedan Arabs were to overrun Israel, those that survived the brutal slaughter would be reduced to dhimmitude which is the official Mohammedan political version of Apartheid toward non-Mohammedans that manage to live after not converting.

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