Friday, September 01, 2006

Arabs and Mohammedans should be Held to Universal Standard

Michael Ruben (AEI) scholar reports that statistically Jews are reported as the recipients hate crimes more than any other group:
Jewish - 954 hate crime reports.
Mohammedan - 156 hate crime reports.
Christian - 95 hate crime reports.

In America the truth is Mohammedans are left alone to practice their un-American hostility of hate. It is a travesty that hates crimes against Jews is so high. It is probably due to the magnanimity of slanted Left MSM that hate crimes are so few against Mohammedans in America. It is a pity that the maintenance of the "political correct" doctrine has provided good press for Mohammedans. I have to say it is marvelous that hate crimes are so low against Mohammedans for it could be bad.

Most of the Mosques in America are provided by radical Mohammedans, some of which are even connected to terrorists. America's is innately drilled to believe in freedom of religion. If Americans actually realized a significant amount of the Mosques in America are actually supported by hate-America groups, that generosity may not be so great.

Indeed the Western World and America should hold Mohammedan lands to the same standards of human rights and democracy as we do our own people. If Mohammedan nations do not transform there political death-cult into a religion of external tolerance there will be a clash of civilizations. When Westerners actually realize their existence is at question, that clash will not be pretty.

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