Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ahmadinejad: Islam WILL Rule the Globe

President Ahmadinejad has responded to the tit for tat between himself and President Bush:

In a response Wednesday Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said Bush was "nothing" compared to God's will.

"I am telling him (Bush) that all the world is threatening you since the general path that the world is taking is towards worshipping God and divinity," Ahmadinejad told a conference in Tehran.

"This massive stream is moving and you are nothing in comparison to God's will," he added.

Bush on Tuesday branded Iran's leaders "tyrants" as dangerous as Al-Qaeda, saying said they must not be allowed to get nuclear weapons -- "the tools of mass murder."

"If you (Bush) think you are sitting in your glass palaces and governing the world, you are mistaken," Ahmadinejad said to the conference, held ahead of the birthday of the "hidden" twelth Imam of Shiite Islam, Mahdi, on Saturday.

"If we are telling you something it is for the sake of your own prestige. We are doing this so you do not reach the point of no return.

"The development of the world is quickly going towards the government of the pure Islam of (the Prophet) Mohammed," he added. (AFP)

Did you read what President Ahmadinejad was saying? Ahmadinejad is saying that Mohammedanism will rule the earth and that people WILL submit to demon-allah's rule.
I can say demon-allah because I am not a Mohammedan. I realize it is not politically correct. I have as much right to say Ahmadinejad's deity is a demon as he does to say I will submit to his demon-god.

There is no negotiating with a nation with goals believed to be validated by a demon-god. How can you negotiate with an ideology that believes it can lie to assert its goals of conquest. The Mohammedan calls this deception taqiyya (or the variations of its spelling).

Google it.

The Western nations believe in Liberty and Freedom of choice for individuals, Mohammedan believe in submission to demon-allah. A Mohammedan is only as free as the Sharia Law permits. A non-Mohammedan who is lucky enough to live must live under Sharia Law. The non-Mohammedan under Sharia Law is a dhimmi. A dhimmi is a 2nd class citizen at best and a slave at worst. A dhimmi's life is one of humiliation forbidden to worship in public and forced to bow to Mohammedans and pay the protection (yeah right) tax known as jizya.

The Western nations cannot afford to allow nations such as Iran acquire nuclear WMD.

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