Thursday, September 07, 2006

Clinton officials rip ABC’s ‘The Path to 9/11’

ABC is airing a two night mini-series that portrays the Clinton Administration in an unfavorable light concerning the 9/11 Islamofascist terrorist attack on American soil. The members of the former Clinton Administration are engaging in pre-air whining.

The first thing I have to say is: Is not this a huge surprise that the darlings of the Democratic Party are portrayed in a negative image. Wow! Good for ABC!

The second thing I have to say is: What a bunch of hypocrisy from former Clinton rogues when they to face criticism usually saved for President Bush.

I cannot wait to view ABC's portrayal. I am sure it is dramatized with some stretching of the truth; however Democratic Party and Liberal Left puppets have been doing that for years to President Bush. Can anyone say Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, Chomsky and billionaire socialist Soros. This people have been fabricating stories by stretching portions of facts since President was elected in 2000.

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