Wednesday, September 10, 2008

UN Defines Racism as Everything Israel

There is a UN sponsored World Conference Against Racism scheduled to take place in early 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland. Just as in a similar conference that took place in Durban, South Africa this conference’s chief movers and shakers are among the world’s chief racist nations which will engage in anti-Semitic racism against Israel and hypocritically accuse the West of human rights abuses.

conference is simply further evidence that the United Nations has become a failure and irrelevant according to its founding charter. It is an example that should call for nations that actually believe in practicing human rights and democracy should withdraw from the United Nations and begin another world organization in which membership is based on democratic principles, civil rights and military defense. Thus membership would be a higher principle than just being a sovereign nation.

If a nation is autocratic, despotic and Islamist human rights abusers; they will be excluded.

I know I can hear the Leftists crying out that Israel is one the greatest human rights abusers in the treatment of so-called Palestinian refugees. Hello! Those refugees were created by surrounding Islamic Arab nations that attacked Israel in 1948. The Arabs lost. The
Arabs that fled newly Independent Israel assumed the Jewish State would be terminated by overwhelming numbers of Islamic Arab nations. As soon as the attacking nations lost these Arabic refugees should have been considered an Arab problem not an Israeli problem.

How did the loser Arabs handle there responsibility? They handled the Arabic refugee problem irresponsibility. The
Arab League got together and decided not to allow the displaced Arabs to matriculate into the surrounding Arab nations to ensure that there would be a perpetual conflict with Israel.

Thus the Arabic refugees were propagandized that it was the Jews fault for their plight. Especially after various Islamic and Leftist Arabic terrorist groups formed under an umbrella of the Palestine Liberation Organization with the leadership of Islamofascist thug Yasser Arafat, these Arab created refugees supporters of murdering Israeli Jews.

Do you think Israel is just going to sit by while Arabs that call themselves Palestinians kill Jewish civilians and then hide or support terrorists without some kind of response? Ergo when a suicide homicidal bomber kills Jews, the family that supported and hailed that murderer is held accountable. You support terrorism you pay the price. Often Israel will destroy a house of terrorist supporters.

This is what Leftists consider Israeli human rights violations. COME ON! GET REAL!

JRH 9/10/08 (Hat tip to ACT)

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