Friday, September 12, 2008

Will Hillary Replace Biden?

Apparently the rumor mill is speculating Governor Palin may drive Obama to dump Senator Joe Biden as his VP nominee.

Both Biden and Slick Willie Clinton may have contributed to this rumor.

First Biden in a speech spoke endearingly of Senator Hillary Clinton as a friend, colleague and a person not only qualified to be a Vice-President but a President as well. Biden went on to say
Hillary may have been an even better choice than him.

Second BHO went to hang out with Slick Willie for a couple of hours on 9/11. The media picked up on some parting comments from Slick which indicate BHO will win in November handily.

Who knows what was discussed behind closed doors.

To happily contradict Slick Willie, if Biden leaves the Democratic ticket for any thing other than medical reasons it will be a demonstration of desperation by the Democrats and BHO. No matter how the BHO Campaign would spin such a decision, the Republicans could crucify BHO as indecisive and politics as usual to win. That would dismember his core campaign of “Change.”

Now Hillary is no slouch to politics. If the rumor pans out and Biden leaves, then the Hillary political machine will make some very good pot shots: nevertheless a McCain/Palin smart campaign could well overcome Hillary’s pot shots by sticking to a BHO indecisiveness that could only be dealt with if Hillary and BHO switch Offices before the election.

JRH 9/12/08

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