Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Dem Attacks on Palin Experience Ironically Apply to BHO

The fringe Leftists in the Democratic Party are being vile toward Sarah Palin. The Democratic Party leadership aren’t being vile however they being hypocritical. The main Dem talking point about Palin is she is inexperienced and zero foreign policy experience.

The irony is as a Governor, Palin has accomplished more substantive actions than Senator Barack Hussein Obama has as a State Senator in Illinois and as a Senator representing Illinois to Congress. Palin has as much foreign policy experience as BHO. Just because BHO did a whirlwind European receiving the adulation of non-Americans who dislike President Bush does not make BHO experienced in foreign policy.

Robert Novak
has an excellent take on Sarah Palin that rubs the Leftists and Dem leadership the wrong way.

JRH 9/3/08

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