Thursday, September 04, 2008

Hindus Commit Genocide on India’s Christians

If you have read any of my blogs you are aware that I harp on the violence that I believe is inherent in Mohammedan holy writings.

Now I preface this post with those thoughts on Mohammedanism because I just read about an extremely disturbing incident in the nation of India. You might think this incident would involve Mohammedans and Hindus which are natural enemies mostly because the brutalizing conquering aspect of Islam reaped extreme violence on Hindu Indians in India’s medieval days.

This disturbing incident has zero to do with Mohammedans.

This disturbing incident has to do with Hindus operating a pogrom in the Orissa region of India. That pogrom
on August 29, 2008 resulted in the approximated deaths of 50,000 Christians. Many of these Christians tortured and raped and brutalized. Christian converts from Hinduism were often given a choice to renounce their Christian faith or die a brutal tortuous death.

I read of young Nuns being burnt alive and stripped naked and gang raped.

As I was reading this from an American Christian news outlet my thoughts immediately went to the Mainstream Media (MSM).

Why was this reprehensible genocide NOT part of a global exposé on the treatment of Christians in a genocidal moment in India? I am aware America is going through a very polarizing Presidential election and hurricanes are swooping through the nations affecting the lives of Americans. BUT my God: 50,000 individuals who were professing Christians were slaughtered by Hindus!

The thing that irks me the most about this is that I always thought of Hinduism (as opposed to Mohammedanism) to be a religion of non-violence. I mean these are the guys that let sacred white cows walk around unharmed in the midst of poverty and starvation.

I found this on a Hindu website (I cannot account for how respectable the site is. I was in a hurry).

Hinduism does not advise peace in the face of evil and injustice. The Bhagavadgita, which is like a Bible to Hindus, is a message to Arjuna when he hesitates to wage war against his own kith and kin. Sri Krishna advises him that Arjuna should wage war because it was part of his duty or karma and he should not think of withdrawing from his responsibility out of fear or cowardice.

Hindus believe that Sri Vasudeva Krishna is an incarnation of God. He himself actively participated in many wars against evil forces and served as charioteer for Arjuna. The Aryan gods of Vedic times were all warriors. Hindus also believe that if a person dies while waging a war in defense of his country, he would attain the heaven of the warriors (viraswargam) …

It was actually the Buddha who introduced the concept of peace and non-violence in a big way in the subcontinent and influenced all streams of thought. …

Hinduism believes that God Himself reincarnates on earth whenever there is an ascendance of evil on the earth to protect the weak, destroy the evil and restore order. Hence according to Hinduism war is justified when it is meant to protect oneself and the world from evil and injustice. However Hinduism neither supports acts of aggression nor advocates violence to terrorize people into submission. (
Hinduism and War)

From this I have determined that Hinduism is not as von-violent as I thought; however to be fair and balanced Christians have also developed a “Just War” concept.

… Hinduism does not support violence, especially when it is perpetuated for selfish or egoistic reasons.

However at the same time, the Bhagavad gita [sic] does not condone helplessness and weakness in the face of injustice and wickedness. According to the scripture it is the duty of every individual to protect himself from the wicked acts of evil forces. (
Hinduism and Violence)

This Hindu inflicted genocide perpetrated on Indian Christians appears to be the results of right wing Hindus who probably justify the butchery on Christians because they are consider an “evil force.” I also understand that a cycle of violence has been occurring when Christians in an effort to protect themselves may have stepped outside the box of Christian Scriptures to employ retribution in a terrorist manner.

On the other hand it is also evident that the
Christian hating Hindus have blamed Christians for acts of terrorism that were brought Maoist (i.e. Chinese-like Communism) terrorists against Hindus. Somewhat like the Roman Emperor Nero blamed Christians unjustly for the burning of Rome. The everyday Hindu believes their leaders.

But to bring such death and destruction on a group of people out of retribution for real or imagined acts is unconscionable. The Global democracies should set aside their secularism at least for an outcry for the so-called compassion of secular humanist egalitarianism to denounce this genocide and call for India to bring the criminals to justice.

JRH 8/4/08


Anonymous said...

Proselytization and Conversion are FDI or foreign direct investment in India. Funded by organisations abroad, missionaries convert the poor by offering inducements. There is no altruism in the business.

Theway2k said...

I have there have been inducements among the poor; however if conversions were not authentic then why people (i.e. ex-hindus) not recanting their faith in Christ? I mean if it were a money thing people would recant immediately.

The reality is that people who do recant do so under torture and there are many who do not recant and are tortured then killed.

Yeah, the money or inducement point is a bunch of crap. Hindus are upset the Savior of the World is delivering people from their pagan religion. These radical Hindus have learned the lessons of Mohammedans and use the re-convert or die.