Monday, September 01, 2008

Leftist Dems Try to Play Alaska Scandal Against Palin

I wonder how much traction the Democratic Party Leftists will get from the instigation of a sour grapes loser Andrew Halco. Halco lost to Palin in the 2006 gubernatorial race in Alaska.

As is typical of Democrats they have taken facts and are attempting to twist them into a scandal. The scandal seems to have two names –
Troopergate and Wootengate – named after a State Trooper who was married to Palin’s sister.

web of deception spun by Halco has Governor Palin firing (former) Department of Public Safety Commissioner Walt Monegan (July 11) for not firing Trooper Wooten who has been an alcoholic, child abuser and (probably) a wife beater.

If I was the Governor of Alaska and my sister was receiving fearful occurrences from an officer of the law, I would fire his butt too. I mean ex-brother-in-law Wooten has threatened to kill Governor Palin’s father and to bring down her administration in a spun web of deceptive scandal.

Evidently it is unethical in politics to protect your family from personal harm from psycho former in-laws. The good old boy Democrats of Alaska have seen this as an opportunity to slow down the Queen of anti-corruption by launching an investigation into sourer loser Halco’s twisted lies.

I suspect when the scrutiny becomes very public and details are released and Wooten turns out to be a bad husband and a bad father the Dems will begin to look bad for digging dirt that was planted under a rock.

As for Monegan, it is the Governor’s prerogative to fire him.
Her explanation for the firing was because Monegan was not dealing with alcoholism in rural Alaska. Evidently it is true Monegan was receiving pressure about Wooten however the link between Palin ordering the pressure and her staffers showing initiative is not the there. Obviously Monegan has to be unhappy about being fired and in his mind connected his firing over the Wooten issue. Monegan even admits in a Washington Post article meant to make Palin look bad:

“She never directly asked me to fire him”.

Monegan is quoted in the
Anchorage Daily News article dated August 30 as saying this:

"For the record, no one ever said fire Wooten. Not the governor. Not Todd. Not any of the other staff," Monegan said Friday from Portland. "What they said directly was more along the lines of 'This isn't a person that we would want to be representing our state troopers.'"

Dear God in Heaven, if
you want to find some scandalous behavior look at the Democratic Party nominee for President. From associations to Black Supremacists (Jeremiah White and Louis Farrakhan), corrupt fund raisers/lobbyist (Rezko), Marxist anarchist murdering terrorists given a legal pass to become a University Professor (Ayers) and links to actual Islamist terrorists of the Arab-Palestine kind (Robert Malley and Mazen Ashabi); I think a little tit-for-tat investigation will reveal a clean Governor Palin and at the very least a tainted Presidential nominee and at the most a corrupt politician saying change with his mouth and fringe Leftism with his actions.

real scandal is that Mike Wooten even now remains an Alaska State Trooper.

JRH 9/1/08

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