Thursday, September 04, 2008

Countering an EMP Attack

Act for America sent an email pertaining to Islamofascists like Iran utilizing an EMP blast against America.

Here is an Act for America introduction to
an article written by Patrick Chisholm.

JRH 9/4/08

Countering an EMP Attack

Act for America
Email Sent: 9/4/08

Iran’s drive to acquire deliverable nuclear weaponry is a threat not only to Israel, it’s a threat to us. As we reported in a story to you several weeks ago, the threat of a nuclear weapon being used by Iran to create an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack is very real and could have a devastating impact on our economy and national security. The commentary below discusses efforts to counter the threat of an EMP attack.

The next President is going to have to face the Iranian nuclear threat head-on, as it now becomes increasingly apparent that Iran will acquire nuclear weaponry within the next five years.

Were a successful EMP attack launched against the United States, it is likely that we would look back on today’s economy with longing. Disruptions to our communications and energy infrastructure caused by an EMP attack could be mammoth, with a corresponding collapse of our economy and significant compromising of our national security infrastructure.

ACT! for America does not endorse candidates, but as we Americans choose our next President it is incumbent on us to answer this question:

Between Barack Obama and John McCain, who has the best combination of experience, knowledge of foreign policy, and proven fortitude to make the excruciatingly difficult decisions that will have to be made if Iran cannot be “persuaded” to halt its nuclear weapons program?

For as much as we should be doing everything possible to protect ourselves against an EMP attack should it happen, the best protection is to prevent a nuclear-delivered EMP attack from ever occurring in the first place. And that means not allowing Iran to acquire nuclear weaponry.

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