Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Olmert, Abbas to Meet on Jerusalem

Prime Minister Olmert is as lame as a lame duck can be and yet Olmert and the Kadima led government coalition seems determined to make decisions that will end the existence of Israel and Judaism of its God ordained Biblical land.

Europe and President Bush are pushing hard for the creation of a Palestinian sovereign State. The Bush Administration, the Obama camp and the McCain camp have all expressed that America will do whatever it takes to protect the existence of Israel.

As the nation Georgia found out, this kind of promise can be as empty as a drought stricken well that is as dry as a bone.

Even Israel’s recent history has proven the lack of stomach for America to protect Israel. When Hamas from the south and Hezbollah from the north committed acts of aggression on Israel of the missile kind, the only physical help from America was to arm Israel followed by a caveat: Now don’t be hurtin’ those poor suffering A-rabs.

In other words don’t take aggressive action even though the murdering terrorists constantly attack you followed by rhetoric that Israel will be wiped off the map.

JRH 9/16/08

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