Tuesday, September 09, 2008


I was in the doctor’s office for a check-up and caught Barack Hussein Obama talking about education television. Unfortunately the only the thing I can remember is this:

“John McCain just doesn’t get it.” (In a hostile voice)

Then off the top of my head BHO went on to say that America’s young needs a better quality education. My thought that I muttered under my tongue: “Yeah a government funded socialist Secular Humanist indoctrination.”

By indoctrination I meant a little Red Brigade teaching NON-CHRISTIAN morality and emphasizing alternate lifestyles denigrating religion (especially Christianity) as myths that rural folk need to rely on.

Then I read a
Judith Klinghoffer article that specifically validates my thoughts on BHO’s plan for America’s education.

I may have touched on this on an earlier post; nonetheless this was brought to mind from watching a BHO speech earlier in the day criticizing McCain on education. Trust me whatever education plan McCain has (good, bad or ugly), it will be better for Americans than the Leftist concept of BHO.

JRH 9/9/08

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