Monday, September 08, 2008

Muslims should be Restoring Remuneration to the West

Have you read by any chance that the spread of radical Islam in the Middle East, Europe and to a lesser extent in North America is the result of Western colonialism impoverishing poor Mohammedans leaving them frustrated and destitute?

Well I have heard this.

The Nordic blogger with the pseudonym
“Fjordman” draws a crystal clear historical analysis as to why this is a bunch of garbage from Islamic Supremacist who do not like being inferior to dar al-harb. Being a supremacist means anger and racism is brandished as terrorism by radical Islam.

The claim of Western colonialism and the old Crusader expeditions of the far past is the reason for the current condition of Islamic nations very simply is not true. Libya has successfully exploited Italian self-guilt and monetary remuneration based on this myth. Algeria is really pushing France for the same accommodation.

The reality is Europeans should be asking remuneration from the Oil wealthy Mohammedan nations and Mohammedan Turkey rather than pouring false guilt on the West readily accepted by dhimmi Europeans and Leftist Americans.

JRH 9/8/08

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