Monday, September 22, 2008

Communists, Islamists, Spies and America

Barack Hussein Obama is the Democratic Party nominee for President in the November 4, 2008 election.

At best BHO’s past is an enigmatic history. Documentation and past associations are blurry enough for BHO to enter into the realm of plausible deniability.

McCain’s past is fairly well documented with only Leftist detractors’ vain attempts to spin a hero into a liar. Most of those detractors utilize hear say and ad hominem conclusions that are typically baseless of Leftists trying to lie to the public. You can take a stroll through the website Vietnam Veterans Against John McCain and tell it is a spin Left site rather than eyewitness accounts.

Compare VVAJM to John Kerry’s nemesis the Swift Vets (and now) and POW’s for Truth. You will note the Swift Vets have terminated adding new material for their cause against Kerry; however they are leaving the website up as an archive. You will notice most of the anti-Kerry stuff (though Leftists and some Conservatives say are error) is basically eyewitness accounts v. Official (and questionable) documents supporting John Kerry’s view of his action in Vietnam. Unfortunately documents carry more weight than eyewitness evaluation; however note that even to this day John Kerry has never sued the Swift Vets for defamation.

I found that rather strange since the Swift Vets were a huge factor in Kerry losing to President Bush in 2004. Voters received a perception that John Kerry was a person that lacked character to lead.

I doubt that McCain will sue (win or loose) the VVAJM because only gullible Leftists would even come close to believing this obvious valueless smear.

BHO's past is difficult to pin down because documentation is sketchy and eyewitnesses are from foreign lands (Kenya and
Indonesia) and radical associations in the USA (Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, Michael Pfleger, American terrorists Bill Ayers And obviously honoring of other Marxists.)

BHO’s unverifiable denials of his suspicious past is a huge enigma that voters are delusionally looking past due promises of political change in Washington, DC. Most of America’s media is in BHO’s pocket (I am not suggesting money but rather admiration) to aid in backing the denials. If independent information slips through the cracks the BHO campaign and supporters are quick to accuse of racism to place the brakes on any tainting information.

This tactic of denial and lying to the public is standard fair for Marxist loving Leftists in America.

Recently there have been a number of scholarly works that exonerate Joseph McCarthy as being correct about Soviet spies in our midst. Most recently a comrade of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg confessed that he and they were in fact Soviet spies contrary to America’s Left portraying the Rosenberg’s as victims of governmental Red Scare despotism.

Ninety-one year old Morton Sobell did not confess to some right wing extremist who goaded the old boy for the information. Sobell’s confession was made in a New York Times interview shortly after the National Security Archive historians filed a civil suit for the release of Grand Jury testimony related to the Rosenbergs.

So here is the point.

Barack Hussein Obama from early childhood was exposed to both Islamist and Marxist thinking in combinations of living in Kenya. A nation in which people tend to have more tribal loyalties than national loyalties and Barack Hussein Obama SR. was a Muslim with part time Marxist designs for Kenya. The same family tribe is the backbone of Islamist murderer Odinga who claims to be a cousin.

I cannot write about the Indonesia associations for the part of BHO’s life is fuzzy enough that the actual truth cannot be grasped.

BHO’s political career was backed by Marxist American terrorist turned professor Bill Ayers including the Marxist underpinnings of Black Liberation Theology and Farrakhan’s Islamic Supremacist Nation Islam.

I heard BHO on an O’Reilly interview that one cannot judge him by his associations.


Dear God in Heaven, I am going to judge him by his past associations. The man is a Leftist Marxist Progressive Christian (Progressive means only accepting the parts of the Bible that can be exploited by Leftist thinking).

It all boils down to this: Leftists lie. Leftist history shows that statement to be true.

JRH 9/22/08

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