Thursday, September 11, 2008

Khadafi Gives the M-E Islamic View of BHO’s Faith

Some of you may already be aware of this video in which Muammar Khadafi (Moamar Ghadafi and et al versions depending on your generation or who you read) is delivering a speech. This is the Khadafi that President Reagan became fed up with and launched an air attack on his palace which nearly killed Khadafi.

speech has Khadafi saying Obama is a Muslim. Which I think is untrue however the point is that is not how the Muslim and Islamofascist terrorist Middle East views BHO. Also Khadafi shares his version of JFK conspiracy theory: the Israeli Intelligence (ergo Mossad) killed JFK and are now conspiring to kill BHO.

I saw a
MEMRI English subtitled version of the speech on YouTube. I was going to embed this speech on other blogs however the YouTube site says the embed code was requested to be removed. It does not say who the request is from. So it could be just a matter of time that the next step is taken which is its removal. I am guessing the BHO campaign requested the embed code to be removed.

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