Friday, September 19, 2008

GWOT is more than Criminal Investigation and Conventional War

Islamic terrorism on a global scale is in effect a war of global circumstances; thus the moniker "Global War on Terrorism" (GWOT).

In war there is a necessity in democratic nations to limit certain civil rights because a war with a nation or a transnational Islamist requires the ability to engage in a military style rather than a civil style.

Otherwise spies or terrorists will utilize civil liberty laws as a weapon to reach their desired goal, which is the defeat of their foe.

In the case of Australia,
a measured limitation of civil rights enabled the Australian government to catch home grown terrorists following transnational Islamic ideological terrorism.

Kudos to Australia!

Leftists should the success to understand the GWOT and not whine about giving rights to agents of murder based on international ideology.

Indeed Daniel Pipes writing for
The Australian contradicts the Leftist attitude that transnational terrorism is an unwinnable war. Pipes focuses on military tactician retired Israeli Major General Yaakov Amidror.

Amidror appears to believe that using tactics different than conventional war yet with the same persistence of acquiring victory is the path to defeating transnational terrorism. Victory may not be a moment as when a nation signs surrender and terminating the war. Transnational terrorists are not nations and usually do not abide by international conventions.

Tactics must change to squelching transnational terrorists and their resources to render them ineffective. This would be a limited or transitory victory in which vigilance needs to be used to continue the experience of peace after the crushing of transnational resources is complete.

Read Pipes! It is a paradigm shift to the typical Leftist hide your head in the sand and hope the problem mysteriously disappears of its own accord.

JRH 9/19/08 (Hat tip to ICJS)

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