Saturday, September 27, 2008

Obama: Censor Them into Submission

Barack Hussein Obama is attempting force feed censorship AGAIN (and AGAIN and AGAIN and probably more). Before it was pressure on big media not to run an anti-BHO ad, now BHO is enlisting Democratic Party cadres in law enforcement (Prosecutors and elected police, i.e. Sheriffs) to persecute anti-BHO ads. The State of choice this time is Missouri.

The premise for the public is to make sure the ads are truthful; however isn’t it curious that elected law enforcement isn’t examining both anti-BHO and anti-McCain ads? Barack Hussein Obama has ordered his cadres to give special scrutiny to ads critical of his campaign or record or past.

It is fascinating that these KKK tactics of the Left is supposed to be very civil rights violations that the Democratic Party stood tall with anger in the ‘60’s. Yet here is the Democratic Party and/or Barack Hussein Obama using the intimidation of elected officials to block pro-McCain ads and to
allow unhindered pro-BHO ads which have already been stained with Leftist lies or twisting of the truth.

Here is another fascinating implication: Obama’s enlistment of Democratic Party law enforcement in Missouri to investigate truth in political ads means Barack Hussein Obama and Democratic Party law enforcement determines the litmus test of what is a lie or a truth in political free speech. Is this even Constitutional to utilize government resources in a matter that seems should be handled in civil litigation?

JRH 9/27/08

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