Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Randi Rhodes is a Leftist Liar

Ann Coulter is right: Leftists LIE.

Randi Rhodes an ex-host for the now bankrupt Air America is doing her Leftist best to lie about both Senator McCain and Governor Palin.

According to Rhodes McCain had a cushy time at Hanoi Hilton and Sarah Palin is a pedophile of teenage boys.

You would think that if Rhodes was going to successfully Swift Boat the McCain campaign she could get a significant amount of fellows that would corroborate her lies. I mean the original
Swift Boat Vets against Kerry were significant whether their version corroborated John Kerry or not.

If Rhodes has a bunch of eye witnesses corroborating her lies she is not sharing the validity of her sources. It is an example of fishing for lies to tell them as fact. I believe that is called deception.

On September 8, 2008 Rhodes claimed McCain was called “the Prince” by his captors because he was given preferential treatment.

She is a moron. McCain was called “the Prince” because he was the son of an Admiral and grandson of another Admiral. When the North Vietnamese found out whom McCain was I am guessing the only preferential treatment he received was being patched up from his Fighter Jet crash and the abuse of his original captors. After McCain miraculously survived the neglectful medical patch work he was thrown for dead among two other POW’s who nursed to life. Ironically the website Vietnam Veterans against John McCain provides a US News & World Report article of McCain telling his story. The website uses the article as if it is an indictment against John McCain because McCain said things like give me medical attention and I will tell you military information. Of course neither the article nor McCain relates if he actually gave information; however it does relate they weren’t going to give medical attention until they found out who the father of McCain was. Also the article talks about the horrendous torture McCain received. How all this is an indictment on Kerry is beyond me, it corroborates that McCain is a hero. The VVAJM is a Leftist joke full of innuendo and twisted words about McCain’s POW experience which is so far away from the truth that only a Leftist or an idiot would believe it.

If you want first hand witnesses talk to people like
Bud Day. Day was a fellow POW and paints a different picture than the Leftists are trying to paint.

Then on September 12, 2008 Rhodes implied Governor Palin was a stalker of teenage boys.

My God if there were time for a civil suit to nail this egregious lie by Rhodes I would think Palin would follow through with it. As it is now, there are so many lies being told about Palin that it is entering the realm of the ridiculous.

Can America afford this kind of mentality running America for four years? Dear God American voters wake-up and realize what Obama represents.

JRH 9/16/08

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