Thursday, September 25, 2008

Chase Terrorists Wherever Harbored?

I want to be clear about something. I am a card carrying member of a shrinking minority which believes that a Palestinian State SHOULD NOT EXIST. Morally and ethically the Arabs that lost their homes or properties as a result of the urged fleeing of Arab invading armies in 1948. Those Arabs that fled via invader warnings should have been taken care of by those losing Arab nations. Instead those Arab nations colluded to make those Arabs refugees to perpetuate a reason to war with in the future.

Fatah is a terrorist organization which has gained Western political acceptance by going through visual motions of propping up the Palestine Authority (PA) into a democracy. The truth is the PA is a thugocracy using both Islamist ideology and Leftist ideology to manipulate its own people while robbing those Arabs blind and feeding them hate propaganda.

Then thug-in-chief Yasser Arafat died under dubious circumstances.

This is when Islamist Hamas began to woo the Gaza Arabs with actual aid instead of robbing them as did Arafat.

Thugocratic elections placed Hamas in political control of Gaza and forced Mahmoud Abbas to accept Hamas into political process of the PA. Thus Hamas and Fatah became radical Islamic rivals among their Arab constituents. Since the PA is a Thugocracy rather than a Democracy, Hamas and Fatah have engaged in a minor civil war of terrorist thugs in which Hamas expelled Fatah from Gaza.

Now here’s thing: America is involved in a Global War on Terror (GWOT). The principal terrorists the American military is trying to eliminate is al Qaeda and the Taliban (and more recently the Revolutionary Guard segments of Iran infiltrating Iraq).

Check this out:
Islamist Hamas allowed al Qaeda openly aligned Arabs in Gaza to be part of their paradigm of rule.

Why is the Bush Administration so hot to establish a Palestinian State which has terrorists that openly call military jihad against America and Americans?

If Abbas wants to establish a Palestinian State and views Hamas as a threat to Arab unity, why has he not repudiated Hamas to the extent that he asks either Israel and/or America for help in dislodging the disunity minded Hamas from Gaza?

Why is the Bush administration not actively searching out the al Qaeda terrorists in Gaza and make an impact on whole missile launching murdering Islamic terrorists in Gaza?

I will tell you why. OIL!

The Bush Administration has found itself in the European position of having to cater to Islamist controlled oil so America’s economy is not more adversely affected than it is now.

Also America has become dependent on the political intermediation of Saudi Arabia there is less trouble with Arab nations as America fights in Iraq and Afghanistan.

So it sucks! We are forced into a friendship with Saudi Arabia who is the world’s primary exporter of Wahhabi radical Islam in Europe and America: The same ideology of al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood.

It is time to start drilling for oil in America even if a few non-sentient animals may be affected.

JRH 9/25/08

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