Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Syria: Tried Nukes but Now Chemical WMD

Can you imagine this? Syria is caught lying about an expanded chemical weapon WMD plant that was earlier destroyed by Israel because it was a secret nuclear facility.

And can you imagine this? Syria continues to lie even though American intelligence via satellite photos exposes the reality of the chemical weapon WMD plant.

I am guessing the chemical WMD are from Saddam Hussein’s Iraq to give the Syrian government a nice stockpile to ad to.

Now most nations lie when their hands are caught in the cookie jar hoping that lying projects plausible deniability. Incredibly Syria was confronted by the Obama administration with the satellite photo evidence. And more incredibly Syria continues to lie even as the smoke clears from the gun of truth.

Let’s see. Should the West, America and Israel call this plausible deniability or taqiyya?

The dhimmis will call it plausible deniability and those who understand Mohammedanism or are gaining an understanding will definitely call it the lying taqiyya.

The lying State of Syria is Iran’s conduit for Hezbollah to be armed. Syria is also the home of Hamas’ supreme leader Khaled Meshal. Both Hamas and Hezbollah have one goal in their existence. That goal is to end Israel’s existence and kill Jews.

JRH 5/13/09 (Hat Tip: 1913 Intel)

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