Monday, May 18, 2009

Homosexual Agenda Indoctrinating America’s Future

As anyone who reads here once in awhile is aware, I am a huge supporter of Biblical Morality through the filter of Christianity (I would include Judaism but frankly I have an incredible lack of knowledge of Jewish theology). An old post that I placed from AFTAH demonstrates my attitude toward homosexuality vis-à-vis Biblical Morality.

In simple terms homosexuality is the practice of either reprobate minds or deceived minds outside the box of Biblical Morality. Clearly no one is perfect; nonetheless one should strive to lead a Biblical moral life even if they miss the mark (one, two ok … many times).

I just finished an article from entitled, “Parents fight homosexual indoctrination of kindergarteners”.

Can you imagine THIS? A government managed public education forum that is often prohibited from even mentioning the name of Christ, Bible, God or Christianity is openly indoctrinating children to accept homosexuality as normal. This is occurring to kids who may not even be able to read and write let alone comprehend the right and wrong of homosexuality and gay marriage.

I am sure there are parents in California who could care less about this indoctrination. I am also certain there are a huge amount of parents that are horrified that the government is teaching their children concepts no matter if parents agree with it or not on a social or moral back drop. After all even Left coast California has consistently voted for the definition of a marriage as between a man and a woman. Homosexual activists have been bankrolled to spread their agenda to the Courts to overcome the will of the voting people.

California’s Proposition 22 (2000) was ratified by the voters to the tune of 61% to 38% defined marriage as between a man and woman. The State Supreme Court struck that down.

In spite of a well financed homosexual campaign to message voters into accepting homosexuality as normal, the people passed California Proposition 8 to rule out same-sex marriages. The percentage was less than 2000’s 61% but it still passed with 52% of California’s voters.

There is no surprise that the homosexual agenda, secular humanist agenda and Leftists in general immediately went to California’s State Supreme Court (CSSC). The CSSC is scheduled to make a decision concerning the State Constitutionality of Proposition 8 somewhere between June 1 and 3, 2009.

By indoctrinating the young, the homosexual agenda is attempting to plow the stage with future American voters brainwashed to vilify Christian Biblical Morality. This is a classic instance of the failure of morality in America of the proper interpretation of the First Amendment as relating to religion (i.e. primarily the Christian doctrines of the Founding Fathers) and government.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. (Bill of Rights)

The proper interpretation is that Congress is NOT able to make LAW establishing a STATE CHURCH nor can Congress prohibit the FREE EXERCISE of religion (again the Founding Fathers had in Christianity in mind). There is nothing in the First Amendment stipulating that religion (again the Founding Fathers’ thought is Christianity) should not be involved in government especially as religion pertains to moral foundations in a community.

One of the greatest foundations that the Left has melted away in America is the ability of schools to inculcate the religious morality of the local community. This melting has been the precursor to school violence like Columbine and teenage suicide.

You know what? The Left and the homosexual activists are aware of the old Christian proverb: “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it.” In the case of the Left it is ‘Give me your children they will be God-hating moral relativists for life.’

This is the reasoning for indoctrinating children at such a young age concerning homosexuality. If the Courts does not pop into line with the homosexual agenda, then a generation of indoctrination will produce a future homosexual-friendly voter base.

Can you say, “Subtle, sick and evil?”

JRH 5/18/09


Bremen said...

I think what is more evil is using a religion that was made by a guy who said to love everyone and to not judge a person as an excuse to manipulate the law in your favor because the idea of two guys or two girls being married is so scary. Grow up. Homosexuality is not just found in humans it is found in almost every mammal on earth so that proves that is isn't a human invention. Homosexuality has been marching in lock step with all other sexuality, so has bisexuality,so has pan-sexuality, and all the other -sexuality. So if you hate homosexuality then you hate regular sexuality, which means that you hate yourself.

John Houk said...

Nice try Bremen! Jesus said to repent of sin and sin no more and the Love of God would save them from their sins. Those who choose a life of sin have condemned them self. What the Father calls an abomination is an abomination. So repent - turn around and go the other way - from a homosexual lifestyle and run to a Godly lifestyle.

Christians indeed have no right to judge a homosexual as in condemning to a man-made justice. Rather God is the judge in the Last Judgment in the End of Days. It might be a little rough to try to wait until then to repent.

Christians are supposed to share the Good News of Salvation. In socializing and protecting their family Christians are to judge the fruit of a person - good or bad. If good then fellowship. If bad then stay away as you would bad fruit.

As to the animal kingdom being anything other than heterosexual - HOGWASH! A homosexual species would cease to exist if a predominance of homosexuality infected that animal species. Deal with it.

Leviathan said...

What if we don't want to bow down to your silly caveman fairy tales? And there is proof of Homosexuality in other animal species most mammals have been known to do it and most species of birds. And even if no other species on Earth didn't do it since when are humans outside of nature?

John Houk said...

Leviathan what is known and what is the natural order are two different things. Murder is known but that does not make it normal in nature and murder definitely is an ungodly act. Just as Romans chapter one indicates attempting to make homosexuality normal is a man-made fairytale worthy of contempt.

Steven Widow said...

The problem I have with this is the outright hypocrisy. You tell Bremen that Christians have no right to judge gays. At the same time you say that gays who want to try to end homophobia in schools is evil and brainwashing. Maybe some people just don't want to see another 12 year old blow his brains out after being mercilessly teased by kids at school. Maybe we don't want another Mathew Sheppard case where a kid gets beaten to death by two guys who were raised to think that gays were evil perverts.