Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Jihadi Virus in Our Jails

President Obama gave a speech on National Security in which he said the existence of Gitmo has been used as a battle cry by Islamic terrorists (Of course BHO used a more PC expression). The finality of BHO’s speech is the premise he still intends to shut down Gitmo. His own political party is kind-of behind the agenda to set Islamic terrorists free from Gitmo. The Democrats in Congress seem to be behind BHO’s agenda only as much that Islamic terrorists will not be settled among their constituents.

Hmm … I wonder if that means incarcerated war criminals are dangerous.

With this in mind Michele Malkin points out that President Obama did not mention nary a word about the home grown Islamic terrorists developing right under America’s noses. Malkin uses an example a group of African-Americans that were converted to Mohammedanism in an American prison.

Did you get that? American prisons are Islamic da’wa universities to recruit disgruntled and probably violent inmates and turn them into Islamic terrorists prepared to do acts of atrocity on American soil in most cases on fellow Americans. Why? It is because Allah told them to in the Quran.

JRH 5/23/09

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