Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Who is Running for Office? Ahmadinejad or Hitler

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad gave a campaign reelection speech in Karaj, Iran on Sunday. YnetNews.com reports on the campaign speech. The Ahmadinejad speech definitely is not nice. In fact one should compare this speech with some of the speeches Adolf Hitler made to the German people blaming all the woes of German on the vermin Jews.

Prior to and during Hitler’s rise to power, the power nations that had embraced some form of democracy with Rights as a governmental nature considered Hitler’s words as hyperbole meant to achieve political power at the voting booth of a German constituency.

There exists once again in the time line of history’s progress an anti-Semite who is promoting the destruction of Jews and is trying to get his Iranian constituents to validate his agenda.

That agenda is globally scary. The appeasement process currently uniting the USA and the EU will lead to another global conflict that has the potential to cost even more lives than did WWII. Why? The educating of Middle East Muslims (Sunni and Shia alike) is to promote hatred of Jews.

Mohammedanism when in an act of war can create crazy suicidal warriors with little or no care for life because a death for Allah is an express train to a paradise of 72 nubile virgins ready to be eternally plucked for male sexual gratification. This means as Muslims are trying to execute a Jewish genocide, Muslims will die in the tens of thousands to affect that genocide.

JRH 5/5/09 (Hat Tip: Christians United for Israel)

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