Monday, May 25, 2009

A Nuclear Armed N. Korea and Iran World

North Korea has successfully test detonated an underground weaponized nuclear device.

President Barack Hussein Obama has termed this North Korean act:

President Barack Obama called the moves "blatant defiance" of the Security Council and a violation of international law that would only further isolate North Korea.

North Korea's claims "are a matter of grave concern to all nations," he said, calling for international action in a statement from Washington. "North Korea's attempts to develop nuclear weapons, as well as its ballistic missile program, constitute a threat to international peace and security."

So I have to wonder: What does President BHO intend to do about the nation that President GW called one of the axis of evil? As a memory refresher the axis of evil were originally Iraq, Iran and North Korea. The Iraq leg has been taken down perhaps to be replaced by a Syrian leg. Excerpts from Egypt’s Government Daily Al-Gumhouriyya show a moderate (so-called) view of Syria’s involvement with an axis of evil. The Arab view does not include non-Mohammedan North Korea but other possible Mohammedan nations supportive of Iran’s agenda. The key is that Syria is a leg of the axis of evil and that Iran is the puppet master.

So where is Iran getting a lot of its ballistic missile technology? That would be North Korea. If North Korea is building a ballistic nuclear missile system be assured that Iran is also.

President BHO’s condemnation of the North Korea test nuclear explosion implies that the United Nations will do something about the rogue nation. Will that happen?

It is unlikely! The United Nations is a toothless tiger that brings aid and comfort to autocracies (particularly Mohammedan autocracies) and condemns Western style democratic Republics for not towing the globalist dhimmitude of anti-Israel and anti-Americanism.

The only teeth the United Nations possesses is in the Security Council. In the Security Council the teeth are only shown when there is an unanimous agreement among the permanent members which include the autocracy of Red China and the transitional autocracy of Russia.

North Korea is a client state of Red China and of the formerly Leninist/Communist Russia. Presently the state of being a client is more toward the former than the latter.

Does President BHO really think that the Security Council will really do anything substantive to punish North Korea for breaking all sorts of treaties and international protocols? If President BHO believes that, he is a foreign policy moron.

The real global problem is that psycho North Korea actually is a nuclear deterrent for any nation let alone the toothless U.N. to do anything about North Korea’s global destabilization. North Korea has even warned that any direct action to stop its weapons grade nuclearization will be met with retribution that will first be aimed at South Korea.

So now North Korea is able to use nuclear extortion to bully its way to get nearly anything it wants knowing that a weak stomached fear of nuclear war and the mutually assured destruction (MAD) mentality will likely hamstring any real Western clout.

Since the psycho Communists of North Korea and the psycho Mohammedans of Iran are arms buddies, what kind of extortion will a nuclear armed WMD Iran use to encroach on hegemonic designs in the Middle East (including the destruction of Israel)?

JRH 5/25/09

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