Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bilderbergers in Greece on 2009

I am not an intense follower of Conspiracy Theory (CT); however I do find many Conspiracy Theories fascinating. I have to admit my favorites tend to be the conspiracies that lean to a slanted right focus in which the Left is the villain.

Anyway … Onward Conspiracy Theorists for the big dog of Conspiracy Theories had their meeting on Friday May, 15. Yup the super-secret Bilderbergers met in Greece yesterday. I should say the best known super-secret group.

Actually it is uncertain how the Bilderberg Group refers to them self for Conspiracy Theorists provided the appellation for the first known hotel the group met.

The thing that makes the Bilderbergers so fascinating to me is that apparently it consists of different levels of the political spectrum. Hence the accusation of Bilderberg planning for world domination has to be a consensus between Leftists, Right Wingers and those in between. There seems to be a few requirements for being a part of the Bilderbergers.

    • Secrecy is the premium.

    • The Bilderbergers seem to be wealthy Western elites.

    • The wealth group (which seems to have originated with European nobility) seems to be followed by Western power elites or those that may be deemed influential toward power elites.

There may be some more that the better nuanced Conspiracy Theorist is aware of however this is what comes to my mind.

Anyway below are a couple of reports from Bilderberg watcher Charlie Skelton writing for the Guardian. Skelton seems to be a classic world domination CT practitioner.

Go to to read the grouping Skelton articles on the Bilderberger meeting in Greece.

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Anonymous said...

Afshin Rattansi and Daniel Estulin
on Bilderberg 2009

Theway2k said...

Thanks Anonymous for the Press TV link about the Bilderberg Group. I don't much of the politics of Press TV because I did not take the time to peruse other shows; however this episode is great information for Conspiracy Theorists.