Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Axis is Preparing for Destabilization

In America the word “axis” has often been politically charged to refer to evil nations. Politically an “axis” seems to involve three nations. For example in WWII the Allies (the victors) battled the Axis powers; viz. the Nazi Third Reich, Fascist Italy and Imperial Japan.

Most would consider the Axis powers as heinously evil with unwilling Italians be ruled by a Fascist government. Incidentally I say “unwilling” because when it became apparent to the Italian citizens that Benito Mussolini was a mere puppet of Hitler’s Third Reich and Italy was paying dearly with their blood in a losing war; an Italian mob got a hold of Il Duce and lynched him in a public square.

Hitler tried to exterminate all people he considered a stain to the Master Aryan Race. This included as many Jews as the Nazis could find.

Imperial Japan led by dictator Tojo in the name of Emperor Hirohito committed horrendous atrocities against Chinese, Koreans and POW’s. Millions died.

Though Il Duce was a puppet, he did his share of atrocities. One of the atrocities was the invasion of Ethiopia utilizing poison gas to subdue the nation.

President Bush had labeled Iraq, Iran and North Korea as an Axis of Evil.

Saddam Hussein’s Iraq was a genocidal and authoritarian in ways that no doubt would receive a hat tip Der Fuehrer or Comrade Stalin.

The revolutionary Mullahs of Iran purged the nation of all that may have opposed the psycho-Shi’ites grip on power.

North Korea’s Communist family cult regime mask’s their despotism with Communism; however the people are starved, abused, murdered and propagandized resulting in the Kim family retaining absolute rule.

The so-called humanitarian organization that is supposed to battle the Axis of Evil global atrocities known as the United Nations more often than not serves to protect the evil in nations rather than condemn them. For example the United Nations spends volumes on paper condemning the only democratic-minded nation in the Middle East in the sliver of land known as Israel. Yet the amount of condemnation of the brutal practices associated with Islam goes largely unreported. In fact the U.N. is pushing a global agenda to make it against International Law to criticize acts of Islam while looking the other way as Mohammedans do their best to slaughter Jews. Indeed there is nary a U.N. condemnation against the rising return of Jewish anti-Semitism that is emerging Western nations.

Iraq designs of regional hegemony were derailed by President G.W. Bush. Regardless of what you have heard about the lack of finding WMD in Iraq it is documented that huge amounts of yellow cake was transported from Iraq to Canada to keep out of Islamic terrorist hands and for Canada to use it for actual peaceful purposes. If you think psycho-Saddam would not have sought a way to turn yellow cake into some kind of weapon, then you should re-examine the genocide link above.

There is absolutely no doubt in my mind (and Israel’s security apparatus) that Iran is enriching uranium to weapons grade for nuclear weapons. Yet the only thing the world does (sucking up to the U.N. style and oil worries) is write mass papers of condemnation thinking the ink on paper will stop a regime from following through on its very public statements of driving Israel into the sea.

Now Iran is watching with glee as North Korea successfully test detonated a nuclear weapon with the destructive scale that Hiroshima and Nagasaki experienced at the end of WWII.

What was the global response to the Nuke detonation? President Barack Hussein Obama led the way in the usual scary tactic of unleashing a verbal attack that was more likely followed by some official paper with the Presidential Seal on it. I have not sought it out but I would be surprised if the U.N. in their faux position as protector of world peace also wasted some paper devoted to North Korea. In fact knowing that paper does nothing, even Red China denounced the Nuke detonation. O the poor trees. This could set back the Green Movement.

Caroline B. Glick writes about how North Korea’s Nuke detonation, exporting missile technology and the general sales of nuke information is actually an attack on Israel. Do you think that is far fetched? If you do then you are unaware of two psycho-regimes that are buddy in the exchange of weapons technology (no doubt for oil). North Korea and Iran are near kiss'in cousins.

Since it is evident that President Barack Hussein Obama may toss Israel’s National Security under the bus, what Israel have to loose to at least take a shot at Iran’s nuclear industry?

JRH 5/28/09

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