Monday, May 25, 2009

Purist Islam is More than a Religion

Awesome anti-radical Islamic organizations like Move America Forward and sister organizations like American Congress for Truth and ACT! For America as well as many other organizations and people comprehend the truth about Islam.

This comprehension has led to a clarion call to rightly keep Gitmo open as an Islamic-terrorist prison open.

Mohammedans obviously wants Gitmo closed and Islamic terrorists freed.

Deluded Leftists want Gitmo closed due to well meaning altruism and the belief that all human beings regardless of inherent evil deserve equal rights of protection under the law. The equal rights thing is a lofty goal; however I believe all ideologies and religions that actively practice and/or incite their disciples into non-State acts of war or acts of terrorism against innocent civilians or governments protecting those citizens have made the decision to revoke civil rights.

Many of these anti-close Gitmo organizations and people are trying to alert American citizens that radical Islam has embraced America’s prisons. The meaning of which convicts in American prisons are turning to the radical Islam espoused by Saudi Wahhabists and Salafist Mohammedan terrorists. After these convicts are released from prison they take their acquired Theo-political ideology with them and either join terrorist cells or act alone against the American rule of law.

Steven Emerson is one individual that takes this hotbed of Islamic radicalism in American prisons to point out the foolishness of sending Gitmo inmates to those prisons. It is viewed that these Gitmo inmates will be viewed as soldiers of Allah available to strengthen radical Islam permeating American prisons.

The Theo-political Islam being taught and practiced in America must stop! Many would argue that the deification of the Quran and lesser Mohammedan revered books is part and parcel to today’s radical Islam. I know there are Mohammedans that believe they are above the barbarity propagated in the Quran and other writings and consider themselves good Muslims. However I tend to agree with the train of thought that good Mohammedans are those that follow the “fundamental” teachings of those texts. In essence those labeled as radical Islamists are in reality purist Mohammedans after the order of the prophet-dude that founded this Theo-political empire-building death cult.

American-Mohammedans that promote the purist form of Islam are thus advocating the overthrow of the American government and American Liberty that Leftists believe they are protecting.

Do not believe for a moment that the radical Islam (advocators of death and destruction) is a religion after the manner of most religions looking for inner peace in one form or another. The only inner peace offered by Mohammed’s religion is to totally submit to the will to the carnality inherent in Islam. One of the primary enticements to fight for Islam is to die a martyr and enjoy the raw sex offered in the Mohammedan Paradise. This enticement led to conquering Mohammedan hoards slaughtering non-Muslims in the quest to spread the Islamic cancer by violence and/or degrading humiliation.

This is the purist Islam. This is the Islam of Islamic terrorists. This is the Islam of Wahhabi, of Salafi and of Twelver Shi’ites.

JRH 5/25/09


Sakina Al-Amin said...

My article on Radical Islam exposes the secrets behind it. Visit my page to read it.

Theway2k said...

The link provided by Sakina Al-Amin is a poor defense of Mohammedanism that states conclusions without anything to back her stand.

"Islam is a religion that teaches people to live in peace, no matter what religion they believe in. Islam requires Muslims, if they are the rulers of the country, to fight and die to protect their Christian and Jewish brothers. Islam requires Muslims, if they are ruled by people from other faiths, to accept their ruling fully, or leave. In Islam there is no option for a Muslim to fight the country he lives in. The only time when a Muslim is allowed to fight is in defending his country, his family or his life."Hmm … The Quran, Hadith, Sunna, Sira and so on definitely do not portray a religion of peace. These Mohammedan revered writings were used as foundations and inspiration to brutally invade non-Muslim lands and force conversions. The Middle East and North Africa were mostly Christian lands. These people became the minority population ONLY after the humiliating brutalizing of a dhimmi status became unacceptable and thus converted to Mohammedanism. Then the Mohammedan lust for booty and non-Muslim babes led them to India in which the Hindus and Buddhists were particularly slaughtered because of idol worship. Mohammedanism totally eliminated Buddhism in Northern India because that pacifist religion would not fight back against the blood lust of Mohammedanism. Once the Buddhist religious leaders were exterminated the leaderless Buddhists became Mohammedans.

The same tact was executed on the Hindus. The Brahman Caste and priests were murdered and the masses that survived brutality began to convert to Mohammedanism to escape the even harsher treatment of dhimmitude for being polytheists. Fortunately for the Hindus there were too many to exterminate and the Mohammedan conquerors decided to make there life a living hell for not converting to Mohammedanism for over a thousand years. Thus in modern times the descendants of the poor Hindus and Buddhists who became Mohammedans split India into two nations. The smaller population of Indian Mohammedans became the two Pakistans (East Pakistan became Bangladesh in the ‘70’s) and the majority Hindus (and other non-Muslims) became India.

These are not examples of a religion of peace.

"Al-Qaida is nothing but a tool used by different intelligence agencies around the world. They do things only the CIA or the Mossad are capable of doing. They do it in the name of Islam. Doesn't it make more sense that they work for the enemies of Islam, to defame it? They are no longer Muslims."Sakina are you serious? I have read ludicrous conspiracy theories about government involvement in 9/11. They are called “Truthers.” It seems to me you have fallen for the Mohammedan version of Truthers.