Sunday, May 17, 2009

Exposer of Virulent Islam

Ben’s Blog is one of my favorite sources of anti-Islamist information. The thing is “Ben” is probably a pseudonym. I also know that the same person blogs elsewhere as Dajjal. Due to the multiplicity of pseudonyms I suspect Ben/Dajjal also blog under other names or perhaps no names at all.

I can make an educated as to why Ben blogs anonymously. Ben’s knowledge of Islam/Mohammedanism is probably as good as or better than an Islamic theologian. This means Ben is likely more familiar with the tenets of Mohammedanism than is the typical Mohammedan.

Here is the thing that probably drives Leftists and Mohammedans crazy if they read Ben’s insights about Islam and Jihadism. Ben lays out the facts concerning Mohammedanism and makes conclusions that have more than a bit of animus projecting from his writing.

The animus is definitely not diplomatic yet it is accurate. I think those that might believe Ben goes a bit overboard should realize he is not writing to impress Mohammedans, rather Ben is writing to enlighten non-Mohammedans about very relevant concerns about the Theo-political elements which are intrinsic to Mohammedanism.

I have been called an Islamophobic racist by trying to be diplomatic so I can imagine the flack that Ben receives. This is probably the reason for the anonymity in Ben’s blog posts. Mohammedans do have the reputation to act out in violence to that which is perceived as offensive – real or imagined.

With all this in mind here are a couple of posts of Ben’s insight.

JRH 5/17/09

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