Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Do YOU Want Socialist and Secularist Transformation?

Without Googling the direct quote, can you name the person that spoke of Americans not dominated by Leftist ideology and altruism as Americans embracing their guns and religion?

That person spoke of those voters as if they are irrelevant to American society and American growth as a nation.

That person insinuated that guns and religion Americans need to be a part of a government motivated transformation in America.

That transformation includes transforming Biblical morality into Secular Humanist or relativist morality. Hate Crimes legislation that have been pushed the last seven years or so under a Republican President friendly to Christianity have been unsuccessful. Now Hate Crimes legislation under a voter elected Democratic Party Congress and President is on the verge of passing. If indeed the Hate Crimes legislation does pass and get signed this is the kind of transformation that will give Leftist activist Courts the power to criminalize Biblical Christian speech on such issues as homosexuality, abortion, Islamic culture and so forth are preached and/or written about.

This will place America on a difficult to change road of social transformation that places the backbone of American culture – Guns and religion – into the realm of criminality. This will place America into a transformation that vets as normal behavior (regardless of the Biblical ramifications) homosexuality, transsexuals, pornographers, child pornographers, pedophiles, bigamists (can you say multiple wives?) and many other vile behaviors which I choose not to do the mental exercise to find.

This person programming Americans about social transformation then will begin to program Americans about a socialist transformation.

This means the innovation that comes from capitalism will be transformed into a government controlled stagnation.

Now here is where I might differ a bit from Conservative purists. I believe in the 21st century that economics is so difficult for what might be called the working poor that strategies to secure a financial future or any kind of medical care is beyond the grasp of planning. The working poor often live from pay check to pay check capable of only planning for the next week rather after retirement. And I am aware this is not the case of all the working poor who may comprehend strategies to save for the future and merely need budget help to do so. I sense this awareness is the exception rather than the rule in the 21st century. In the 20th century it was probably the reverse in which a majority of the working poor were aware of savings and planning. However, Democratic Party and Republican Party both have utilized government dependence for the working poor so often I doubt there is anyone under the age of 70 that remembers strategy to pinch pennies to manage a modicum financial independence in retirement. I doubt there is any working poor that knows how to effectively gain medical benefits without some kind of outside aid of luck to work for a company that offers medical benefits to their low paid under skilled employees or to work the government for some kind of medical aid.

I hear the Conservative purists gasp and rail on what they would call Leftist thinking. Many might even proclaim that “I was a working poor and worked my way into the middle class.” Again I say the working poor still is in need of aid. If you were once the working poor and you have advanced to the middle class or better, then that is fantastic. You comprehended capitalistic strategies to move up the scale. I also do not believe that the upward mobile should bare the brunt of taxation for the working poor that do not have a clue. Yet should we punish the clueless working poor with abject retirement poverty or the lack of medical aid in the richest nation in the world?

In the 21st century a low income bracket should have a mandated tax (beyond Social Security) that simultaneously pays for a projected retirement and present time medical aid. Conservative purists can view that tax as investment. Perhaps the retirement fund can be moved to a more traditional capitalistic plan for the future as the working poor becomes the middle class. Also this retirement fund can be used as some kind of present time medical insurance (much as is available to Medicare patients today). If the working poor becomes upwardly mobile or acquires private insurance in traditional ways then this tax should be lowered according to an upward mobile income bracket.

This allows the working poor to not be trapped into poverty as an outright Welfare State would surely promote. This would also take away much of the socialistic burden of the middle class or better. Thus capitalism rolls on.

O yes, who is that person trying to transform America into a socialistic godless secular humanist nation? We all know that is President Barack Hussein Obama.

JRH 5/12/09

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