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Questioning BHO’s Presidential Legitimacy Keeps Rolling On

I have been haphazardly following an issue that the Mainstream Media (MSM) has amazingly NEVER sought the details about. That issue is the authenticity of President Barack Hussein Obama’s status of eligibility to the Office of President of the United States of America. (One of SlantRight’s last posts on this issue is here.)

I say “haphazardly” because even if BHO mans up about his original Birth Certificate about the location of his actual birth, the Constitution is vague enough to allow Congress to define certain elements of what is considered a Natural Born American citizen.

If Barack Hussein Obama was actually born in Kenya as many Conservative conspiracy hunters believe, then all the Democrat Party controlled Congress has to do is change the rules to fit the vagueness of the U.S. Constitution.

Here is one speculative scenario: There is absolutely no argument that BHO’s mother is a Natural Born American citizen. All Congress has to do with a simple majority is define a Natural Born citizen as one who has at least one parent Naturally Born on the soil of the United States of America no matter the location of the child.

Shazzam! The location of President Barack Hussein Obama’s birth becomes irrelevant.

The reality is Congress has been updating the definition of a Natural Born citizen for years.

Congressional Authority:

In the absence of a judicial interpretation of Constitutional language, Congress can express a legislative interpretation of Constitutional terms. A federal court would likely give great deference to Congress’ interpretation. The Congress also has broad authority regarding issues of citizenship. Article 1 Section 8 of the Constitution grants authority to Congress to “establish a uniform rule of naturalization.” Several federal judicial decisions recognize Congress’ plenary powers regarding issues pertaining to citizenship that do not specifically fit under the Fourteenth Amendment. Notably Rogers v. Bellei (401 US 815) and US v. Wong Kim Ark (169 US 649) say that Congress has the power to regulate matters pertaining to citizenship not specifically defined by the Fourteenth Amendment.

In addition, Congress has previously used their naturalization power to define the term “natural born” as used in a statute. In the Naturalization Act of 1790 Congress defined “natural born” to include children born abroad to citizen parents. Although the language was not kept in later naturalization laws, that specific language was not challenged. (Natural Born Citizen Act Summary - From Joint Council on International Children’s Services)

So President Barack Hussein Obama has the absolute protection from his political party (Senator Arlen Specter makes it easy to quash any debate in the Senate). Why does he still fear the release of his original birth certificate?

In the realm of pure speculation the fear could be related to BHO being born in Kenya rather than Hawaii. Although the legal hoops can be leaped through by Obamasiah, his credibility to manage the executive branch based on the so-called mantra of “Change” would be damaging. I believe it would be so damaging that the 2010 election would swing power back to the Republicans in Congress thereby erasing any prospect on President Obama’s Left Wing agenda. With a public outrage being realized by voters that would understand they were hornswoggled by Obama, the Democrats and the Leftist MSM there would be legitimate calls for investigation of the Slanted Right have been up in arms about Obama ever since they realized the old enemy Hillary Clinton was not to be the target.

Just as a side bar of disclosure I am well aware that there are many of my fellow Conservatives who have now been labeled “Birthers” will dispute the power of Congress to make laws defining the specifics of a Natural Born Citizen. And the Birthers may even have a case for that; however good luck and pressing that through Left admiring activist judges.

Here is one example of the belief Congress does not have the authority to define a Natural Born Citizen.

With the Birthers in mind, read this pitch from the United States Justice Foundation to keep the battle going to expose the illegitimacy of Barack Hussein Obama’s Presidency. To read the USJF ad battling to expose BHO’s birth status, go to the end of this post at

JRH 4/4/09

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