Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Gingrich: Pelosi Step Down as Speaker

Well I can see the reason that Newt Gingrich is a politician. His recent e-newsletter castigates Speaker Pelosi without actually calling her a liar. I was not so capable of being so diplomatic.

Speaker Pelosi is the classic example of the hypocrisy of the now devotedly Leftist Democratic Party. The Democrats went on a rampage of vilifying President Bush’s policies of keeping America safe even to the point of calling for a criminal investigation of the Bush Administration and those that acted patriotically to protect American citizens from the reoccurrence of another 9/11.

With the aid of the Mainstream Media, the Democrats unleashed some political venom of propaganda upon American voters to influence votes that placed the Democrats back in the driver’s seat in 2006. Then the voters received another chunk full of propaganda that elected a deceptive Leftist President whose primary goal is to transform America away from her roots of Christianity toward the diversity concept of Secular Humanism and the redistribution of wealth. The term “redistribution of wealth” is MSM code talk for Socialism at best and Communism at worst.

One can see Communism at its worst through the eyes of Comrade Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong.

The social transformation led by President Barack Hussein Obama and the elite cadres of the Democratic Party is subtly validating some of the worst elements of the morally depraved in America. The transformation excuse: The morally deprave are people on par with a race or religion; to discriminate against the morally depraved is thus racism and a denial of civil rights that all the diverse Americans should enjoy.

Okay, I know I digressed on Speaker Pelosi.

Newt neatly rails on Pelosi by putting her political agenda of persecuting the Bush Administration for the Democrats call torture. Is it not ironic the Obama Administration has gone to great lengths not to insult Mohammedans by eliminating such terms as the Global War on Terror (GWOT) or Islamic terrorism to find neutral words? Yet the Obama/Pelosi Democrats have no trouble using the word “torture” rather than Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EIT) against Americans that have devoted themselves to keep other Americans safe. Does anyone see the lunacy on this political vendetta to prevent Conservatives of the Republican Party from ever gaining control of Congress and the White House?

But check it out: Since Speaker Pelosi as the ranking Democrat on the Intelligence committee never protested EIT; does not that make Pelosi an adherent to the practice of protecting Americans?

So you see how Speaker Pelosi has dug a hole for herself by attempting to use plausible deniability to make it look like she was never on board with EIT.

Newt is correct that Pelosi should be removed not because of her political agenda, but because her political agenda has placed America and Americans at risk by diluting National Security.

JRH 5/20/09

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