Monday, March 16, 2009

Shoher Tactics for Islamic Terrorism

Here is an interesting theory on executing a war on terrorism when there is so much public support for the terrorists a “Collective Liability” should apply to civilian supporters of terrorism. It is a portion of a chapter from a book entitled “Samson Blinded: a Machiavellian Perspective on the Middle East Conflict” by Obadiah Shoher.

Evidently Shoher is a pseudonym.
Shoher writes in the hyper-militant Jewish style of Rabbi Meir Kahane. Kahane was considered a racist Jew by moderate and Leftists of both Israel and America. The racism stems from Kahane’s writings that definitively proposes a plan to give incentives for Arabs that call themselves Palestinians to vacate the West Bank. Further Kahane’s writings promoted a policy of forcibly expelling West Bank Arabs if they did not leave willing. And even further Kahane promoted transforming Israel (or at least a portion of Israel) from a secular State to a Jewish theocratic State.

Needless to say Kahane was not endeared by Israeli Leftists or politically correct Israeli moderates. Kahane was jailed for his writing and the organizations it formed around Kahane’s extreme thoughts. Kahane even won a seat in Israel’s Knesset; however he was booted out for his views.

Rabbi Meir Kahane became a martyr to his followers when a Muslim terrorist assassinated him (the guy nabbed was acquitted). (Kahane info is thanks to

Since Obadiah Shoher writes in the spirit of Rabbi Kahane, he has chosen anonymity so that lunatic Muslims cannot assassinate him like Kahane.

Shoher’s writing are extreme as the portion entitled “
Collective Liability for Anti-Israel Terrorism”. I know Shoher’s thoughts on rules of engagement with Muslim terrorists and the Muslim population that supports them are definitely not politically correct. I also know if the West (inclusively Israel) cannot wrap their minds around the fact that Muslim terrorists could care less about Western protocols that have led to such war rules as the Geneva Conventions.

Since the Geneva Conventions are not even close to concepts taught by the Quran and Mohammed, Muslim terrorists laugh at any obligation of Western war rules of engagement.

As far as Muslim terrorists are concerned Western concepts of Justice and Civil Liberty are a weakness to be exploited. Hence Muslim terrorists have no qualms of integrating supportive civilian Muslims in their agenda. In essence Muslim civilian support for terrorists by extension makes the civilian a terrorist. If the civilian does not wish the consequences of a terrorist, then the Muslim civilian should renounce Islamic terrorism and aid in eradicating terrorism.

It sounds rough nonetheless battling Muslim extremism in the same way as we do today (particularly with appeasement tactics) will eventually erode Western and American culture into non-existence.

JRH 3/16/09

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