Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Gitmo and Wishing Islamic Terrorists Away

I support organizations that are anti-jihadi and pro-security in order for American Liberty to be freely practiced. One of many of those organizations is Move America Forward. Many of these anti-Jihadi organizations operate on a grass roots supply budget as opposed to wealthy Leftists as George Soros or Saudi money funneling to anti-American causes.

MAF (as well this blogger) strongly support keeping Gitmo open. Leftist critics look at Gitmo as a civil rights violation of individuals accused of civilian crimes. Of course this is ludicrous for the thugs in Gitmo are transnational terrorists or possessors of information about transnational terrorism in a war that cannot be defined or measured by the Geneva Conventions.

I mention the
Geneva Conventions because the signatories of the rules of war as applied to POW’s are in a war with Stateless transnational terrorists who have NOT signed the Conventions nor have any intention of doing so.

In essence transnational terrorists are war criminals which no State can be held accountable because of plausible deniability.

These war criminals are conducting a war which Leftists wish to view as civilian crimes accountable to courts which have different rules of law ranging from Western civil rights to totalitarian dictatorships with the lame United Nations as an arbiter of International Law.

Regardless how the Left tries to alter the state of war radical Islam is waging on the West overtly or clandestinely
by utilizing different words to wish the war away, transnational radical Islamic terrorists will be dangerous to Western citizens and the Jews of Israel.

President Barack Hussein Obama has signed the order to close Gitmo. Now the Obama Administration is admitting that some of
those Islamic thugs that deserve no American civil rights afforded to accused common criminals will be released on American soil.

Here is
the MAF email with the usual request for grass roots donations.

JRH 3/24/09

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