Wednesday, March 18, 2009

More Obama Legitimacy News

Barack Hussein Obama has been sworn into the Office of President of the United States of America. Before that January 20th date there was marginal coverage of President Obama’s obvious cover-up pertaining to his eligibility for the Office of President.

The thing that Conspiracy Theorists should be hopping mad about is that the vale of darkness is not coming from what BHO has some control over. Nay friends, the Federal and State Judiciary, State Secretaries of State, a Hawaiian Governor, Hospitals and related universities are ALL part of a cover-up that by virtue of inaction calls into question President Obama’s legitimacy to his elected Office.

After January 20th the Mainstream Media coverage of the question of BHO status as a Natural Born Citizen has equally vanished adding the mystery of cover-up.

Now it seems only
a few stalwart blogs which have a specific reading constituency and a few out of the Mainstream Media keep plugging along trying to get a Court – indeed – the Supreme Court of the United States to hear their voice.

Of course those who are still pursuing BHO’s legitimacy have an agenda to cause a Constitutional crisis in which the end result is the defrocking of President Obama of his Office. I can join that club; however the real issue is simply affording the American public honest answers to LEGITIMATE questions.

No matter if the answers are favorable or unfavorable for Barack Hussein Obama; the actual litmus test is the authority and viability of the U.S. Constitution as the frame work for the rule of law in America.

This multi-level of private, academic institutional, hospital, State and Federal government cover-up raises an implication that everyone’s hoped for Obamasiah is a man that does not honor his oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution.

If President Obama does not honor his oath, what does that say about his intentions to transform America to the Left no matter the opposition as well as his commitment to America’s National Security at home and abroad?

WorldNetDaily (WND) is one of those out of the Mainstream Media outlets that are definitely not respected by Leftist and there are a significant amount of centrists and Conservatives that question WND’s quality of information. I for one trust the angle of WND and I certainly doubt this media outlet does any worse on the political Right then say the New York Times does on the political Left. There is an old saying about processing information: Be at least as smart as a cow; eat the hay and spit out the sticks. I suspect that is an axiom that could be applied to the entire political spectrum. One stick you should spit out immediately is that any form of media is unbiased. Those days are gone.

Even Fox News that bills itself as “fair and balanced” is obviously leaning toward the Right. Thank God they do. At least there is another MSM angle for people to find some good hay to eat to distinguish form the sticks in most of the Slanted Left MSM.

Anyway … Getting back to BHO’s legitimacy to be President; I read a WND article of the latest efforts to discover that legitimacy.

Evidently a gal lawyer from the State of California managed to get into a lecture given by Chief Justice John Roberts at the University of Idaho. Attorney Orly Taitz pressed the Chief Justice about the BHO eligibility to be President. She got a promise from the Chief Justice in front of witnesses that included people of State and Academic stature to look into the Obama mystery.

Take a moment and
read the WND REPORT.

JRH 3/18/09

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