Monday, March 30, 2009

Maybe America Needs a BNP

I just finished reading a tirade from a blogger upset that the British National Party (BNP) members are being selectively banned from jobs and governmental services.

Evidently the BNP has a historical timeline that goes back to thuggery aspects of pro-Nazi and Hitler-philes. This means the BNP heritage is a history of white supremacy and anti-Semitism.

Apparently the BNP has disavowed that past in their official writings but now take a controversial stand of anti-immigration. The focus of this anti-immigration is the growing population of Mohammedans in the UK.

The BNP anti-Mohammedan immigration stands no doubt derive from Britain diluting British rule of law by allowing Sharia Law courts to have legal jurisdiction over the culturally Mohammedan. Incredibly the Sharia Law acquiescence is even supported by the England’s State Church – The Church of England (aka Anglican Church and in America the Episcopalian Church).

Since the Brits have adapted the continental European stand that speaking against a religion is hate speech, an anti-Mohammedan immigration stand is considered racism by the government.

The HUGE irony is that Mohammedan mullahs and apologists speak the most vile hate speech first against Jews and next against practicing Christians. The British government and EU government nary lift a hand against the Mohammedans that preach their hatred of Jews and Christians.

Robert Locke
writing for Think-Israel gives a good history of the BNP racist past. Now check this out: Locke is not sympathetic to the BNP past however he views the current BNP stand against Mohammedanism as something Israel should promote. There is an understanding that Mohammedanism has zero in common with the Liberty and Rights that exists in Western nations (and America in particular).

Since the BNP has a racist past and has renounced anti-Semitism, white supremacy and the fascist leanings of neo-Nazism; today the BNP is still a racist party by virtue of repatriating and preventing future Mohammedans from the UK.

Due to this media portrayal of racism there is a movement
to ban BNP British citizens from certain jobs such as the police, nurses and the Anglican clergy.

Imagine that: A British citizen this wishes to uphold the British tradition of the rule of law or worship and minister for the Christian God are being prohibited from their positions. Could it be the traditional power brokers of Britain are trying to ensure the BNP’s growing popularity does not turn into British votes that translated into MPs in Parliament? I ask this question for the website for
BNP is more popular than the power broker political parties combined.

Under the Obama Administration is this the kind of dilution of Liberty to expect in America?

Read the anger of the British citizen. (Do note this blogger oozes a bit of the BNP white supremacist past while simultaneously realizing the threat of Islamic culture to Western culture.)

JRH 3/30/09

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