Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Lest We Forget Why Israel Exists

Anti-Semitism and Jew hatred have been infecting America’s colleges and universities for some time now. And some of these universities are prominent education centers in America.

You may say, “O my God! Another right wing in the tank for Israel is saying that any criticism of Israel is racist anti-Semitism.”

Even I have to admit the Jewish homeland – the Land of Israel – may have some dented image acts in there past and probably will in their future (unless Iran make’s good on its promise for Islamic nations to drive the Jews into the sea). Nonetheless, the global atrocities perpetrated against Jewish people have been going on at least since the Egypt of the Pharaohs.

Modern Israel was created out of Western power guilt for allowing an Adolf Hitler to exist when he could have been prevented. Appeasement and guilt of too much punishment upon Germany after WWI led the West to look the other way as der Fuhrer rebuilt Germany (which wasn’t bad in itself).
Unfortunately some of this rebuilding was accomplished by an egomaniac that believed Germanic people are the Aryan Super Race destined to rule the earth. The offshoot of this Super Race mentality was focused upon six million Jews who died via murder or genocide. Depending on whom you read five or six million other lives were terminated in a genocidal way because they also did not meet the standards of a superior Aryan Race.

Hitler’s Nazi regime paid a special focus to exterminate Jewish people as vermin that were the cause of all that ails or was wrong on planet Earth. Hitler’s loss of WWII revealed to the horrified Western victors (and not so horrified USSR) concentration camps in which those that survived were barely alive followed by the horror of viewing tortured dead Jews that were exterminated in vile ways. Americans treat their dogs better in mercy killing for age or incapacitation.

From the end of WWI until Israeli independence the
Levant was adding to the Jews already there who were fleeing anti-Semitism in Europe. The incapable League of Nations placed a considerable amount of the Levant under control of a British Mandate called Palestine. Hello! All who lived in the British Palestinian Mandate were called Palestinians whether they were Jewish, Arab, Muslim or Christian.

Theodore Herzl became appalled on how Jews were treated in Europe in pre-WWI and post WWI. He became the Jewish writer that inspired Zionism and a call for Jews to move back to Palestine. (Although,
Jews have lived there even through Muslim conquests; simply a majority of Jews became victims of Roman vengeance and got the boot from their land – it was called the Diaspora.) Herzl’s dream was for a safe place from persecution. Actually other options were considered but it was just way too natural for Jews to go home to Palestine (from Roman Palestina, which was a derivative from Jewish enemies known as Philistines).

At the agitation of the
Grand Mufti of Jerusalem (a former recruiter of Slavic Muslims for the Nazi regime) and Hasan al-Banna (Muslim Brotherhood founder), Islamic Supremacism viewed through dar al-Islam and dar al-Harb began to plant Jew-hatred among the Arabs (Muslims and Christians) of the British Palestinian Mandate. Acerbic vitriol thus increased among the post WWII Muslims toward Jews in Palestine. This is interesting for the Arabs of the Levant and the Middle East were subject to the Turkish Ottoman Empire prior to WWI. The WWI victors carved up Arab lands formerly under Ottoman rule and began to form sovereign nations.

In 1948 the Brits pulled of the Palestinian Mandate. The plan was for the United Nations to follow in the footstep of the defunct League of Nations and partition Palestine into two sovereign nations. One for the Jewish Homeland and one for the now hate infected Arabs.

The sovereign Arab nations previously created by the WWI victors vowed to drive the Jews into the sea for non-Muslims have no right to land that was conquered in the name of Mohammed and his Allah.

Of course we know in 1948 the new State of Israel (a tear drop surrounded by an ocean of Islamic hatred)
vanquished five invading Islamic Armies and the Arab-Palestinians that formed poorly trained militias.

Thus began the Muslim propaganda that minuscule Israel was a genocide nation itself practicing a South African form of Apartheid upon the Arabs abandoned by the invading Muslim Armies. Come on folks! The Arab-Muslims created an Arab refugee problem and refused to own to the responsibility of matriculating their stranded brothers into the invading Islamic-Arab nations.

This Middle Eastern Islamic hatred aimed at Jews has slowly seeped back into the West. Slanted Left academia and politicians of the West (i.e. Europe and America) slowly began to accept the propaganda of Jew-hatred forgetting why they allowed a microscopic slice of the Levant to become a Jewish Homeland. That reason is the inexplicable prejudice against Jews that have resulted into a millennia persecution and death culminating with Adolf Hitler and the Holocaust.

I find this infection of Jew-hatred now permeating American colleges and universities to be appalling. The Left oriented academia of America have become enamored by Islamic propaganda now viewing the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians to be the recipients of the most vial racial victimhood that Israel could offer.


Israel is a Western style representative democracy that generously tolerates that hatred of their own Arab citizens while spending their entire existence battling non-Israeli Arabs for Israel’s existence as a Jewish haven nation.

Now the Israeli government has often bulldozed the homes of Arabs (in and out of Israel proper) of Islamic terrorist supporting families when an Islamic terrorist perpetrates an act of murderous carnage against civilian Jews. The world cries, “Too harsh!”

Say what!?

Arabs living in the Judea and Samaria (i.e. West Bank) and Gaza have been bombarded religiously that the only good Jew is a dead Jew. These Arabs actively support if not participated in acts of terrorism against Israeli Jews
because of generations of hate implantation. AND WHAT? The Western academia only wants Israel to wag their fingers and say, “Bad Muslim terrorist, you should know better. You are from a religion of peace.”

Do you know there is an “Israel Apartheid Week” going on at Canadian and American schools of higher learning? The purpose of this week is to bring Jew-hating Muslims and Jew-hating Leftists to rant of Arab victimhood with half-truths and downright lies.

Read the Israpundit essay on the insidious North American academia allowing anti-Israel smack while simultaneously making every effort to prevent the Jewish/Israel version.

JRH 3/11/09

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