Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Brit Dhimmitude and Hezbollah

Unbelievably the United Kingdom is embarking to legitimize Lebanon’s government within a government – the Islamic Shi’ite terrorist organization with puppet strings to Iran known as Hezbollah.

Britain is now reaching ever higher
on its path to dhimmitude to its Mohammedan population whose Mosques are dominated by radical Islam.

The UK government is attempting to project an image similar with the Brits past terrorists of a political and military wing of the old Irish Republican Army (IRA). I am not too familiar with that terrorist history but off the top of my head it seems the UK government negotiated an end to IRA violence by engaging the political wing of the IRA which in turn influenced the military (i.e. terrorist) wing of the IRA.

In selling this distorted simile of an IRA and Hezbollah to the British subjects, the UK intends to (I am guessing) limit the amount of terrorism on British interests. By extension of the Hezbollah puppet strings to Iran it also implies working a political deal with the psycho Mullahs also of Iran.

Walid Phares writing for
Political Mavens exposes the lunacy behind this British dhimmitude thinking. Take a gander at Phares’ short and to the point post!

JRH 3/25/09 (Hat Tip: JWR)

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