Friday, March 06, 2009

Senator: Eligibility is up to the voters

Senator Mel Martinez actually responded to one of his constituents that Barack Hussein Obama’s eligibility for the Office of President is irrelevant since the majority of voters “vetted” by choosing him to be President.

I can hardly believe the Republican Senator from Florida is essentially saying that the U.S. Constitution is irrelevant, can you?

Here is the
WorldNetDaily report on this latest obfuscation and cover-up news about President Barack Hussein Obama’s citizenship and eligibility to be President.

JRH 3/6/09 (Hat Tip: Above Top Secret)


Nique said...

Yes I can believe it. Being in congress to these people is just a job. The mindset is, I have this cush job now, all these perks, insurance for life; let's not rock any boats. I want to make sure I get reelected, therefore I shall make no controversy. The oath they took upon entry into office???, to that I say Dr. Kervorkian took an oath once also, what did that lead to?

Anonymous said...

Do you have any evidence of Obama being born outside of the United States? Any at all?

No? Then shut up.

Theway2k said...

To Nique: Thanks for the input.

To Anonymous: You know that I have no evidence, but this the problem is it not? Barack Hussein Obama has blocked every effort of public validation of his birth. This is something that should have been vetted even before Barack Obama was allowed to run for Office. Now if history ever finds the truth and that 'truth' is that Barack Hussein Obama is not a Natural Born Citizen, he will be portrayed as an American deceiver. And if the American way of life is destroyed due to a Socialistic (European style) and Secular Humanist agenda, history may paint Barack Hussein Obama as the 21st century Benedict Arnold.

On the other hand if socialism saves the economic day we may never know the truth.